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It's impossible to avoid logistics – things and people need to be moved. Skrym provides real-time optimization of information flows that help logistics become as efficient as possible.


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We’re mathematicians, economists, programmers and engineers. We’re all part of the generation that does not accept unsustainable solutions.

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  • Nora Hallqvist

    Nora Hallqvist

  • Johanna Kilponen

    Johanna Kilponen

  • Jakob Nordfeldt

    Jakob Nordfeldt

  • Mert Mercan

    Mert Mercan

  • Konrad Wihl

    Konrad Wihl

  • Max Danielsson

    Max Danielsson

  • Vilhelm Melkstam

    Vilhelm Melkstam

  • Prasanna Balaji

    Prasanna Balaji

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