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Together we can bring efficiency and sustainability into logistics. Skrym works with market leaders and innovators in packaging, transportation and technology to create the logistics we deserve.

By using data we can help your clients send less air in their packages - decreasing both emissions and costs from packaging material and shipping, without any need for hardware investment.

If you want to help your clients face sustainability demands and rising costs, join the Skrym partner network.


Skrym complements your existing offering as a packaging supplier with algorithms that help your clients find just the right sizes for their types of orders.

  • Analyze environmental impact
  • Find optimal set of package sizes
  • Predict packaging usage

By partnering with Skrym you can improve the accuracy and transparency in communication to end consumers, creating trustworthy delivery promises that minimize frustration.

  • Data-driven delivery estimates
  • Prevent oversized shipments
  • Validate your emissions figures

Our API:s are designed to provide straightforward integrations with any type of system, allowing you to give your clients easy access to advanced optimization without any hassle.

  • E-com & Checkout
  • WMS
  • TMS

We are always looking for new ways to help meet the needs of our clients, and the partnership with Skrym is a great example of how we can help clients explore a new approach to old problems.

Thomas Nöjd photo
Thomas Nöjd
CEO, Nöjd AB

For us, the partnership with Skrym is an important step towards future-proof e-commerce.

Jochen Drösel photo
Jochen Drösel
Chief Sales Officer, Schumacher Packaging
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